5 Ways On How To Tell If Your Cat Is a Pure Maine Coon Not Mix Maine Coon

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5 Ways On How To Tell If Your Cat and Kittens Is a Pure Maine Coon Not Mixed Maine Coon

With its history being traceable all the way back to 1820, Maine Coon is a popular, all-rage breed, which has various theories about its history of origin. Many argued that they might come from France, other debated if they were actually brought by the Vikings. Having long but improper documented profile, may make you wonder about how to tell if your cat is a pure Maine Coon not mix. Maine Coon breed is very common to be found in America, as it is thought to be its place of origin. Since then, Maine Coon cats have been going through crossbreeds, cross hybrids, or genetic mutations. But it can be quite hard to differentiate the purebred from the mixed ones. By using these defining characteristic below, you might be able recognize if your Maine Coon is a pure or mixed breed one.

5 Ways on How to Tell If Your Cat is a Pure Maine Coon Not Mix?

  1. Body size

Among its domesticated cat peers, the Maine Coon is considered to be the largest one. The size and dimension of the cat can be a good starting point to identify their bred. It is especially easy if the cat has reached adult age. Purebred adult male weights range from 13 to 18lbs, while the female ones are about 8 to 12lbs, and can reach 10 inches of height. Mixed bred most likely will be measured smaller than those numbers.

  • Facial features

The face and head of purebred tend to be longer than the mixed ones. Having history as hunters, Maine Coon cats are spotted with wild predatory eyes. They squint shaped and has cunning vibes according to some people. The nose is straighter, whereas the mixed Maine Coon looks more flat. The purebred’s ears are also larger and the shapes are not too pointy.

  • Fur thickness

Maine Coon cats are famous for their long, soft, and silky hair. It acts as coat during the winter and even is consisted of two layers of hair. The hair is especially prominent along their neck where it is longer and thicker. This feature will appear thinner in the mix bred species.

  • Tail fullness

To balance with its massive body, Maine Coon cat’s tail can grow up to 14 inches in length. It is also thick, voluminous and bushy. It appears similar to raccoon’s tail. The purebred tail will be full and has long hairs, whereas in mix bred, the tail will not fell as fluff and bushy. Also the hair on the tail will more likely be shorter.

  • Other distinction

As Maine Coon can pretty much have all colors other breeds of cat could have, it is rather difficult to identify the pureness by the color and pattern of the cat. Instead, the Maine Coon can be identified through unique features. For example, there is a 40% chance that a Maine Coon cats has extra toes. Also, a purebred tend to enjoy water activities which is avoided by a lot of feline breeds.

Now that you have read about how to tell if your cat is a pure Maine Coon not mix, it is time to determine which kind is your cat. If you are really curious and wanting more accurate details, genetic testing assessment is always available and ready for you to try.

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