Adopt Maine Coon For Free, Dont Waste Your Money To Buy Maine Coon

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Adopt Maine Coon Kittens For Free, Dont Waste Your Money To Buy Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are adorable, lovely, and loyal pet as companion to get. However, the price of buying Maine Coon cat is roughly five to ten times higher than adopting one, depending on where you decide to get it. Nowadays, the adoption process is getting easier. In a lot of places, you can adopt Maine Coon for free, don’t waste your money to buy Maine Coon. Whether it is from cat shelters, rescue centers or an incapable owner, there are few options to start and choose. Here are few places you can adopt Maine Coon for free, in brief explanation. Keep in mind that due to the costless reason, it can be hard or even impossible to get full purebred Maine Coon.

5 Ways That You Can Adopt Maine Coon for Free, Don’t Waste Your Money to Buy Maine Coon

  1. Maine Coon Rescue Centers

Rescue center is a good place to start looking for Maine Coon to adopt. The rescue centers often run by volunteers to help and save abandoned, unwanted, or abused pet and give them home temporarily or permanently. Nowadays, there are a lot of specific breed of pet rescue centers, including ones for Maine Coon cats. There are also few steps of procedure you need to do before the adoption like submitting for the application, veterinary reference checking, interview for owner fitness, and home visit by the rescue centers.

  • Local shelters

Similar to rescue centers, local centers are committed to take care of abandoned, surrendered, lost, sick, or stray animals. The difference are, they often have all kind of animals especially pets inside and you can choose to find one near your location. The local shelters in common to be found in various countries such as US, Canada, UK, India, Germany, New Zealand, and many others.  

  • Animal Welfare Associations

Animal Welfare Associations are non-profit organizations that are available on about 189,000 branches all over the world. You can pay a direct visit to their adaptation centers or visit their website page to look for available animals to adopt. The great thing is, they will allow you to get familiar with some pets before you decide which one to adopt. After you make decision, you may need to fill some questionnaires as a form of application.


This website will allow you to adopt various kinds of pets from cat, dog, even others like rabbit or horse, including Maine Coon cats, of course. They will also help you to find nearest rescue centers or local shelters around you. You can also get information about the adoption procedures from the site and complete guides before you get one.


With over 20 years and +25 million adoptions process of experience, sure is a helpful site to help you adopt a Maine Coon. Just like, the site also provides manual guides to adopt various pets and care guides.

Now, that you know you can adopt Maine Coon for free, don’t waste your money to buy Maine Coon. It is also comforting to know that by adopting a pet, you will help those pets who do not have home to live a long, healthy, and happy life that they didn’t have before.

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