Fact About Average Weight and Lifespan Maine Coon

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Fact About Average Weight and Lifespan Maine Coon Cats and Kittens

There are many types of cat breeds raised by people around the world. It is a curious thing that Maine Coon always takes one of the top spots, though. Cat lovers just cannot get over how adorable this breed is. It has strong looking stature but cuddly personality. The duality just sounds lovely. If you are among people who long to adopt this cat breed, you should know detailed fact about average weight and lifespan Maine Coon. The handy information will help you navigating life with your lovely companion.

Interesting Fact about Average Weight and Lifespan Maine Coon Cat

This list compiles things that are related to Maine Coon’s weight. 

  1. Not a Fussy Eater

You will have a blast when raising this cat breed because it is not a fussy eater. It tends to enjoy any meal that you present. This way, you can ensure that it will always have filled stomach anytime of the day. Nonetheless, as owner, you should watch out about the kind of food it eats. Grainy ingredients are best left out from its diet since it can cause obesity.

  • Naturally Has Large Body

Owner should not get too worried if their Maine Coon has large body despite moving actively and having regulated diet. This breed naturally has large body. The male breed can even be measured at one meter in length. Its weight can reach 18 pounds which is very considerable for a domestic cat.

  • Regular Exercise is Needed to Control Weight

Typically, a Maine Coon is an active breed that loves to lead an active life. Without proper stimulation, though, it can get lazy just like many other domestic cats. When the cat tends to laze around, it will gain a lot of weight in short span especially since it is a quite big eater. You should accommodate its nature with cat toys to encourage it to move around. Arranging a free space for it to hang around safely is also a big plus.

Meanwhile, the following points provide facts about the lifespan of this breed.

  • Having Moderate to Long Lifespan Among Cat Breeds

Among cat breeds, Maine Coon has moderate to long lifespan. It can live up to 15 human years. However, in order to ensure that, you must properly maintain its living condition. The cat must be fulfilled physically and psychologically.

  • High Resistant Breed

Due to its body figure and characteristics, this cat has high resistance toward its surrounding. It gets sick less often than many other domestic cats. Nonetheless, it is still prone to certain hereditary diseases or illness related to its physics. The cat has a high risk of experiencing hip joint problems due to its size. It also has risk to have renal-related illness.

  • Regular Doctor Visit is Still Necessary

Although this cat breed is not prone to most regular cat illnesses, visiting doctor for checkup is still very necessary. You should adhere to vaccination and overall health check schedule. It is done to prevent illness from being untreated and creating fatal impact.

Hopefully the detailed fact about average weight and lifespan Maine Coon explained in this passage gives you a gist on raising this breed if you planning on adopting one. Although generally Maine Coon is easy to take care of, you still need to pay attention to certain aspects.

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