Fact About Maine Coon Cat vs Norwegian Forest Cat Difference Explained

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Fact About Norwegian Forest Cat vs Maine Coon Cat Difference Explained

If you are planning to adopt a feline companion, it can be quite confusing to decide which breed to get because most, if not all of them are equally adorable. For a starter, Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest are two pretty popular breeds to have because of their numerous positive traits. These five aspects below will tell the Fact About Maine Coon Cat vs Norwegian Forest Cat Difference Explained that might help you to decide to choose one. The difference of both breeds will be explained briefly but thoroughly.

Both can be pretty similar at glance because of their common features but there are actually few differences. They are actually known for their long coat-like fur and their ability to learn about things quickly. It can be hard to choose one of two, but by knowing their differences, the decision making can be easier.

Fact about Norwegian Forest Cat vs Maine Coon Cat to Help Differentiate Them

  1. Physical

In general, Maine Coon is larger than Norwegian Forest, but their average weights don’t differ much. Maine Coon’s facial features are more distinctive than the other, due to the wide and lion-like appearance. The tail of Norwegian Forest is fluffier as it is bushy and wider than Maine Coon. Also, in terms of fur color, Norwegian Forest is richer because it has cream, red, and amber variations.

  • Personality

Even though both breeds are famous for being affectionate, loyal, and friendly, Maine Coon is more talkative than Norwegian Forest. Their intelligence levels are about the same, as both are really smart creatures. One thing that they have similarity is they both are really possessive about their territory, due to their dominating nature.

  • Lifespan and health

Norwegian Forest cats have three to five years longer average lifespan than Maine Coon. It is probably due to healthy life nature of Norwegian Forest. Both are prone to joint problem, kidney disease, and heart disease. In addition to that, Maine Coon cats are also inclined to have genetic problem which is skeletal muscle problem.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance for both breeds is generally the same. It includes brushing their teeth regularly, giving them a proper bath occasionally, trimming the fur regularly because it gets long pretty quickly, and clipping their nails on paws. Also, because both of them have relatively long hair compared to other breeds, they will need to be taken care of more often.

  • Care cost

To have any pet companions, of course you should invest some money for their care. The cost includes medical, food, bathing and grooming products, and also toys. Generally, Maine Coon care costs more than Norwegian Forest. Maine Coon care costs about $400 to $1500, while the Norwegian Forest care costs about $500 to $1000. It is especially pricey if you get them from respected breeders.

Fact About Maine Coon Cat vs Norwegian Forest Cat Difference Explained above will give yourough descriptive differences between both breeders, and it is time to make up your mind about which one to get. One thing to remember, whichever breed you decide to bring home, do not forget to take a great care and give a lot of love to them.

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