Fun Fact About Maine Coon Cats And Kittens Behavior

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Fun Fact About Maine Coon Behavior

In fact, there is a lot of fun fact about Maine Coon cats and kittens behavior. This kind of cat is classified as a giant cat. It is indeed huge and very fury. Based on its appearance, people may think that this cat is a kind of sluggish and lazy. Is it really? You can find the answer to that down below.

Fun Fact about Maine Coon Behavior

If you plan to adopt a Maine Coon cat anytime soon, you must get familiar with the behavior of this kind of cat first. Here is the list of some of the most interesting fun facts related to the behavior of a Maine Coon cat.

  1. They are Silly as Kitten, Outgoing as Adult

The personality of the cat is a kind of changing drastically as it ages. When the cat is just a kitten, its dominant personality is on the shy, timid side. It does not like to be socializing with people that much. However, as the cat grows older, it gets more and more comfortable around people and becomes extremely outgoing.

  • The Gentlest Giant Cat

People often think that the giant physique of a Maine Coon cat makes it look very intimidating. However, don’t get fooled by that because even though they are massive, they are very gentle. They love to be stroked and to cuddle. This is why it is safe to say that this breed of cat is essentially a gentle giant.

  • They are Extremely Playful

Well, another thing you should know about the unique behavior of this breed of cat is that the cat is extremely playful. The massive size of its body makes it seems to be very unassuming that Maine Coon loves to run around the house and play with anything it can find. You won’t see any slow-moving, gloomy pet when you have a Maine Coon around. It will always move actively and being playful almost all the time.

  • They are Attention-Seekers

When you have a Maine Coon at home, you will notice that the cat is an absolute attention-seeker. They will basically try whatever they can to capture your attention. This is why it is very important to spend more time with the cat in order to prevent the cat from doing silly and dangerous things just to get your attention.

  • They Love Hanging Out

If you have decided to get a Maine Coon at home, get ready to bring it out often. Bring the cat out to the park or to your friend’s house who own cats as well. The Maine Coon loves hanging out. They love spending time with new people as well.

Those are some of the most prominent facts related to Maine Coon behavior. If you love this breed of cat and you do not mind of keeping an immense cat at home, the Coons are surely the perfect breed to choose. There are more interesting things to know about the cat. Do you want to know more fun fact about Maine Coon cats and kittens behavior? You will find them out once you get the cat at home.

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