How Much Price Range Are Best Quality Maine Coon Kittens?

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How Much Price Range Are Maine Coon Kitten

It is not a secret that buying a Maine Coon cat will drain your saving. The cat is considered as one of the most expensive breeds of cat around the world. However, with the incredibly beautiful coat of fur and its gigantic size, the price seems to be very fair. How much price range Maine Coon kittens? The answer can be varied and it depends mostly on what age of the Coons that you want to buy. Need more information? Find out more of them down below.

How Much Price Range Maine Coon Kittens? Here’s the Information

As a kitten, the price of the Maine Coon cats is not as expensive as the adult ones. However, the price is still higher compared to other breed of cat’s price for kitten age. If you plan to get a Maine Coon at home anytime soon, here is the price range for you to consider before buying them.

  1. Price for the Kittens

Buying the cat as kitten is probably a good idea. There are two reasons why. The first reason is that the price is so much cheaper and the second one is that the feline is easily trained while it is young. That is why people tend to buy the Maine Coon as kitten and raise it to reach adulthood.

So, how much is it to bring home a baby Maine Coon kitten? The average price is around $500. If the cat is already getting vaccine and has certificate, the price can be slightly higher. However, these are important, though. So, do not choose the kitten that has not been vaccinated at all.

  • Price for Adult Cats

Literally, the price of the adult cat is double the price of the kitten. In average, to buy an adult Maine Coon cats, you will need to pay $1,000 to the breeder. The price is not a fixed price as it can rise to $1,200 or so for extra vaccine and other related stuff.

  • Factors to Determine the Price

The factors determining the price for the cats are too many. However, there are three factors considering as the most important: the color of the fur, the origin, and the size. If the cat’s colors are the popular ones, like silvery gray, the price will be more expensive. The origin here is the parents of the cat. Pure-bred Maine Coon will of course cost you more. As for the size, the bigger the cat, the more expensive it will be.

The important thing to remember when you plan to buy a Maine Coon cats is to get it from the professional, well-known breeders. The price of the cat is very expensive. It is over a grand in average and you do not want to waste that money by choosing the wrong breeders.

Remind yourself and keep asking “How much price range Maine Coon kittens?”. When you remember that the cat costs you over a thousand dollars, you will not make a reckless decision about it. Always choose professional breeder to get the cat.

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