How Much Price Range Are Maine Coon Cats and Kittens?

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How Much Price Range Are Maine Coon Cat and Kitten?

Understanding the price of a Maine Coon cat is quite important, especially for those who have plans to adopt the cat anytime soon. Maine Coon is said to be one of the most expensive cats. The rumor may have been true after all. This breed of cat is covered in majestic furs and they are quite massive. They basically look like small lion. So, how much price range are Maine Coon cats? Well, it’s traits and uniqueness are probably making the price higher than other breed of cat.

How Much Price Range Are Maine Coon Cats and Kittens? Here are the Answers

If you like to know exactly how much money you will spend when buying or adopting the cat, you can find the information down below. The average price is going to be shown here along with the price of the cat based on several circumstances. Here they are.

  1. The Average Price

It is not surprising that the Maine Coon cat is pricey. They can drain up your wallet, even right from the start. The average price for a Maine Coon cat is around $1,000. Yes, it will cost you a grand to bring home the cat. The price is apparently starting at $400 and the most expensive ones can cost you $2,000 or even more.

  • Price Based on Certifications

Well, the answer about its average price has been explained above. However, the price comes from a lot of factors and combinations. Here, it will be explained more carefully. Let’s start with the certifications.

Good Maine Coon breeders will always sell certified cats. In the certifications, the cat is declared to have good health and vaccine. To get the certification, the breeder must bring the cat to professional vet. The price for certified Maine Coon cat is around $300 to $500.

  • Price Based on Breed Status

The breed status is surely a deciding factor when it comes to Maine Coon cats. Everyone wants a pure-bred Maine Coon which means that both parents of the Coon are in the same breed as well. Buying pure-bred Maine Coon is even more expensive. It can cost you around $2,000 if the quality of its parents is really high.

  • Price Based on the Age

Sometimes, it is suggested that you buy a Maine Coon as soon as possible and get it as a kitten. Well, it is not wrong because the price of a younger cat or a kitten is relatively cheaper than the adult ones. In Maine Coons, the kitten can cost you around $400 and the adult is around $600 to $1,000.

Understanding the price for Maine Coon cat is important, especially when you want to get this kind of cat anytime soon. Make sure you know the price, particularly in the area around you, to avoid getting lack of money to get the cat. How much price range are Maine Coon cats? You have the answers and everything related to it up above. It can be used as a guidance to eventually adopt or buy the cat.

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