How To Tell If Your Cats And Kittens Is Mix Maine Coon Not Pure Maine Coon?

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How To Tell If Your Cats is Mix Maine Coon Not Pure Maine Coon

Maine coon becomes one of the popular cats to have. It is type of American long hair cats and people love to have them. However, since its popularity, there are some mixed breeds and these are not pure breeds. Some breeders may say those are pure, and people may be tricked. So, how to tell if your cats is mix Maine Coon not pure? It can be quite tricky and it requires you to be meticulous. By paying attentions to the characteristics, it can be easier to see the breeds. These points surely will help you.

How to Tell If Your Cats is Mix Maine Coon Not Pure and avoid the Tricky Breeder? 

All cats have characteristics. When it is pure breed, the easiest way to identify is based on the physical appearance. In this case, Maine Coon has some clear characteristics. These can help you to know its breeding, and it will be easier to say if the cat is actually mixed breed.

  1. Body size

Maine Coon is known as one of the domestic cats with large body dimension. It even becomes the clearest way to identify. That’s why it becomes the first point, and there is easy indicator to check the breed.

Based on the weight, male cat can reach around 13 to 18 pounds. Then, the female weighs around 8 to 12 pounds. There is actually gap in weight between the genders, and both of them shows heavy weigh compared to the common domestic cats. Then, the adult cats can reach 10 inches of height, and its length is around 48 inches measured from its tail to the nose.

Along with big dimension of body, the Maine Coon also has good body frame. The cat is actually muscular with the broad chest. Moreover, the torso is long. These surely show the identifications, and the mixed breed will show big differences.

  • Head and ears

In term of head, the pure breeds of Maine Coon have longer shape of head. Instead of wide head, it is more about the length. Its nose is also quite straight compared to other domestic cats and the mixed breed of Maine Coon. For the eyes, the pure breeds have squinty eyes, and these look like the eyes of predator.

Meanwhile for the ears, they have large shape and it is not too pointy. Then, the cats will also have furs on the tips and inside of their ears. Those points can be easy identification since most of the mixed breeds do not show these signs.

Those are some answers of how to tell if your cats is mix Maine Coon not pure? Of course, those two points are not the only identifications to know the pure breeds of Maine Coon. The cats also have clear difference in their coats. The tails and even color patterns can be the important identification as well. Things will be easier to see the differences when it comes to compare some cats. However, the safest way is to find the trusted breeders, and it will become the good shortcut in gaining good quality of Maine Coon.

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