Learning More About Maine Coon Personality and Temperament

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Learning More About Maine Coon Temperament and Personality

When raising a Maine Coon, or any other cat breed, you have to take everything into account. It is not only related to physical components. A cat’s psychological condition also contributes heavily to its overall wellbeing. In order to ensure this aspect, you should know about Maine Coon’s personality. This article will be discussing Maine Coon temperament facts and personality. If the cat owner has sufficient knowledge about this particular matter, they will be able to treat their Maine Coon appropriately.

Learning More about Maine Coon Temperament Facts and Personality

The list below encompasses personality points that a Maine Coon cat will likely to have. Let’s take a look at it.

  1. Ingenuous

Many people will say that cat is among the smartest animal on earth. This breed is exceptionally smart if compared to other breeds. Just like smart dog breeds, Maine Coon is able to understand cues and gestures from human quite easily. Because of this, you will not experience hard time when trying to teach the cat some interesting tricks. It also feels really easy to teach the cat house rules.

  • Sociable

You must have heard that cat does not tend to enjoy socializing. It loves playing and lounging around the house by itself. Maine Coon is rather unique breed, though. The breed enjoys interacting with people, particularly family members who raise it. If you do not provide enough chance for it to interact with people, your Maine Coon might get stressed out. You have to be mindful about this matter.

  • Loving

This trait is an extension to the breed’s sociable nature. Maine Coon does not only enjoy interacting with people who are close to it. The cat enjoys showing how much it loves its family. It prefers to cuddle against family member or having conversation (which consists of meowing). The cat will welcome its owner whenever they just come just to award them with affectionate head-butting.

  • Adventurous

True to its big and regal stature, Maine Coon enjoys adventures. It loves to explore various new places, even places that we consider quite dangerous (e.g.: tall trees and edge of cliff). The cat also loves hunting. Luckily, its adventurous streak is supported by the cat’s agility and fit body. As owner, you must accommodate this need.

  • Lively 

Domestic cats are considered the laziest cat breeds in felis family, arguably even in the entire animal kingdom. Despite commonly being a domestic cat breed, Maine Coon is very active. You will see it prancing around the house instead of sleeping the day off. This trait must be accommodated well since the cat might go tizzy without room to move freely. Taking the cat out for walk once in a while will also help.

  • Very Loyal

When you adopt a Maine Coon, you will get the most faithful companion ever. This cat will show loyalty to any person who treats it well and provides it with abundant affection. The character, combined with its ingenuous trait, makes this breed a great guardian. It will do anything to protect people that it loves.

The six Maine Coon temperament facts and personality discussed above show how you can treat your cat. You should give it plenty of love and room to explore its surroundings. That way, you can ensure that your lovely cat will be the happiest that it can be.

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