Special Treatment for Maine Coon Aggressive Personality

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Special Treatment For Maine Coon Kittens Aggressive Personality

Knowing the personality of your cat is an important point in raising this feline companion. If you have a Maine Coon at home, you should not worry too much since this cat is known to be soft and playful. Even so, sometimes a Maine Coon will show the aggressive side of its personality. This article will guide you in studying Special Treatment For Maine Coon Aggressive Personality fact traits. Knowing this, you will be able to handle what behavior outcomes that may arise.

What, Why, and How: Maine Coon Aggressive Personality and Fact Traits

This breed is one of the most even tempered cat breeds out there despite its big stature. However, it does not mean that this cat does not have aggressive tendency at all. In fact, having their pets behaving aggressively is one of the most common issues that Maine Coon owners seem to have. The manifestation of aggressive behavior could be scratching people and attacking other animals.

There are several reasons that may cause your Maine Coon showing its aggressive personality element. The following list shows situations that are likely to incite aggression in this cat breed.

  • Relocating into a new area.
  • Having another animal as family member.
  • Feeling worried about something it perceives as threat.
  • Adapting to a new family member.
  • Experiencing health issue that causes discomfort.

Is there anything that you can do in order to solve such issues within your household? Well, you can try some of these ideas.

  1. Bringing the Cat to Vet

If you notice changes in their usual friendly behavior, the best option is bringing the cat to a vet first. There are possibilities that your cat might experience discomfort due to certain illness. It can also get infected by certain insects. This problem must be solved immediately in order to prevent worse things in the future.

  • Providing Happy Environment

Sometimes your cat is experiencing new changes in its life. Just like human, such changes (particularly if it happens abruptly) will cause stress. Cat might behave aggressively when it experiences stress. Owner should provide a happy environment while trying to reintroduce the new situation to their cat. It might be by incorporating enjoyable activities to the new situation.

  • Making the Cat Less Hazardous

This can reduce the damages done by the cat’s aggressive behavior and is easier step to do. You should make sure that your cat’s claws are trimmed. Making your pet wearing soft paws is also another possible thing to do. This way, when your cat starts to attack other people or animals, it will not leave terrible damages.

  • Gentle Punishments

Another thing that is worth trying out is giving punishments. However, you must be gentle and loving to the cat so that it will not develop fear toward you. As an example, you can tap on its nose when it starts behaving unacceptably. You can also use low and firm words to warn your cat when it becomes agitated.

The Maine Coon aggressive personality and fact traits discussed should provide you important gist about raising this pet. It will not be an easy journey. However, it is surely worth it.

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