The Ultimate Guide to Lion Cut Safely Your Maine Coon Cat

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The Ultimate Guide to Lion Cut Safely Your Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon has quite thick coat in all over the body. However, during some conditions, the coat can make the cat less comfortable. It may happen during the days with high temperature. In this case, you may need the ultimate guide to lion cut safely your Maine Coon cat. Lion cut is cutting the whole coat on body and only leaves the fur on the area of head. As its name, the cat then will look like a lion. This is very good since the cat’s skin will have better air circulation. Of course, it is quite tricky to do, and that’s why it is important to know the guides.

The Steps and the Ultimate Guide to Lion Cut Safely Your Maine Coon Cat

One of the main conditions to do lion cut by yourself is your bonding with the cat. When your cat is already so familiar with you and you can easily tame and calm it, then you may do it. It is also good when the cat is already accustomed with grooming, and you also have experiences of doing it by yourself. When these are done, then it is time to go to the steps and guides.

  1. Preparation

In this part, you need to make some preparations, and of course the first point is to prepare all of the tools. You are going to make the lion cut, so you will need more than scissors. At least, you need comb and brush. Scissors may be needed, but it is not for the main job. You will need to shave, so you have to prepare the device.

After that, prepare the place. It should not be on the floor. It can be quite difficult for you to move. It is better to have large table for working with your cats. Then, just prepare some old rags or towels. These can help you gather the hair later, and it is also able to make your cats more comfortable.

  • Grooming

The next step is to use the brush or comb. You need to make your cat so comfortable. Positioning and calming the cat will be the main job to do before you start to the next steps. After your cat gets comfy, you may start combing and brushing the hair.

  • Shaving process

This is the most important part, and it is quite tricky. You should be careful in shaving. You have to make sure the device will not have direct contact with the cat’s skin since it can injure and the cat may also feel uncomfortable.

In case you want to make it have longer coat left, you can shave by following its outgoing hair. In addition, if you want to make it shorter, just shave the coat in opposite direction of its outgoing hair.

You have to be careful and gentle. If you cannot do it by yourself, ask someone to hold the cat. This is to make sure your lovely pet s in steady position during the shaving process. Moreover, you may also need to move the body, and it is easier to have someone to help you. 

Those are the steps and the ultimate guide to lion cut safely your Maine Coon cat. After you finish the shaving process, you may pet the cat to make it comfy and give snacks to bring back the mood. It may also be fine to bathe the cat, but it depends on your personal preference and cat’s condition.

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