You Must Know Maine Coon Personality Male and Female?

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Maine Coon Kitten Personality Male and Female

Even though they are on the same breed, you must know Maine Coon personality male and female. Yes, male and female Maine Coon is quite different when it comes to personality. As we all know, Maine Coon is a large breed of cat with profound personality. They are noticeable and they love to be the central of attention. However, not every Maine Coon cat seems to be like that, though.

You Must Know Maine Coon Personality Male and Female? The Explanations

If you have the plan of having Maine Coon cat in the near future, make sure you know exactly what to expect from each gender. Buying male or female Maine Coon can decide whether or not you will enjoy the company of the cat. Here is more explanation related to it for you.

  1. Personality of Male Maine Coon

The rumor about Maine Coon cats that are extremely playful and love to be active is correct. However, it is more like to the male ones. Male Maine Coons are indeed very active and playful. They have this outgoing personality and they do love socializing with people.

The cats love to be the central of attention and they can be a massive attention-seeker when they do not get what they want from the owners. This is why the cat is going to be found running around the house most of the time.

  • Personality of Female Maine Coon

Essentially, male Maine Coon and female Maine Coon is like polar opposite. As explained above, the male cats are more on the extremely playful side. They do not like staying still. However, the female ones are more on the quieter side.

They are quite reserved and laid back. Even so, they still love cuddling and playing with stuff they find around them. The female ones are also gentles and move not as actively as the male ones. Well, if you want a more “chill” Coon, you should go with the female one.

  • Choosing Male Maine Coon

Choosing male Maine Coon is perfect for you when you have the commitment to spend a lot of your time with the cat. The male ones are, like explained before, very active and love to get your constant attention. If you do not have the power to give the attention they want, do not get the male ones.

  • Choosing Female Maine Coon

For those who are more laid back about having the cat, female Maine Coons are more suitable for them. The cats are really gentle and they do not run around the house that much. They are more like sluggish but they are still very gentle and love to be cuddled.

Those are some of the explanations related to Maine Coon behavior based on its gender. In conclusion, choose the male one if you want more active Coon. Choose the female one if you like gentler Coon. You must know Maine Coon personality male and female? The answer is: yes, you must. Understanding the personality based on its gender will make you adopt the right Maine Coon for you.

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